Woodhaven Kennels
Scott & Roxanne Young -  3721 183rd Street - Russell KS 67665 - 785.483.3758
Woodhaven occasionally has Started and Finished gundogs for sale.

A started gundog is just that. A dog that has had some level of field training. The level of training depends on the trainer, the age and abilities of the dog. This is usually a dog between ten and eighteen months old who has had basic obedience training and has been introduced to fieldwork, birds and gunfire. Depending on the trainer and dog, the dog may also have been exposed to patterning drills and basic retrieving.

A finished gundog is generally two years of age or older and is totally trained. This dog has been shot over and is an experienced hunting dog. It will handle well for a new owner, work to the whistle, quarter, and be steady to wing and shot. This dog should only need to become accustomed to the new owner and spend time in the field under the handling of the new owner.