Woodhaven Kennels
Scott & Roxanne Young -  3721 183rd Street - Russell KS 67665 - 785.483.3758
Currently we do not have any puppies for sale.

We are expecting a litter of English Cockers to be whelped on or near September 12th, 2013
These pups are from Sydney and Dakota.

If you are interested in a future breeding, please call for more information or to be placed on our waiting list.  Most of our puppies are placed in homes where they will forever hunt - although some pups do go to loving homes as companion dogs.  All potential breedings are based on superior genetics.  Our breeding dogs come from field champion bloodlines and excellent working stock.

While at woodhaven, our puppies start their informal training as soon as they are ready to get out and explore the outside world (about 6-7 weeks).  Puppies are provided with the opportunity to find, flush, chase and play with small game birds.  We begin introducing the pups to spending time in a kennel crate, traveling in a vehicle, socializing with other dogs and people.  Woodhaven puppies are whelped in our home and "housebreaking" or "potty training" begins as early as possible to make a more enjoyable house companion and loving addition to your home.  Depending on the age of the puppy, we will also begin teaching commands such as: "hup" or  "sit", "kennel" and "here" or "come".