Titles & Awards
Woodhaven Kennels
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Woodhaven's Atilla The Hun(Atilla)
Razr's Nutmeg of Woodhaven  (Megan)
Woodhaven's Raven Bear(Bear)
Woodhaven's Tucker(Tucker)
Woodhaven's Apache Scout(Scout)
Fallenwings KZ of Woodhaven(Kizzie)
Woodhaven's Sir Chandler(Chandler)
Woodhaven's Ashley(Ashley)
Super Fast.  Those are the only words that describe Atilla.  At only 20lbs she is like a "heat seeking missile".  She recorded the fastest and highest score at the 2007 National Championships to win the Amateur Championship. Buff in color.
2007 NUCS Amateur National Champion
2008 NBDCA World Championship Qualifier
Atilla's littermate (Scout) was the 2009 NUCS National Runner-up
Solid Liver, 35lbs.  Strictly a tournament hunting dog.  Megan has a soft flush (almost a point) that puts the handler in a perfect position to win almost every tournament.

2008 NUCS Amateur National Champion
2009 BDC World Championship Qualifier

Megan's first litter produced the 2010 NUCS Amateur National Champion (Tucker)
Black with white markings, 35lbs.  Strong hunter and wonderful tournament hunting dog.  His strong flush, great nose and super marking skills make him a great hunter.

2 X NUCS Amateur Champion
2009 NUCS High Point Dog of the Year
2009 NUCS Amateur National Champion
2010 BDC World Championship Qualifier

Extremely Fast, Liver and White, 35lbs "Hunting Machine".  Tucker is the most complete cocker we have produced.
His mother (Megan) is the 2009 NUCS Amateur National Champion
His father (Wiley) was the 2005 NUCS Amateur National Runner-up
and the 2006 NUCS National 3rd place winner.  He has it all.  Super strong flush, lightning fast speed, great nose and marking skills and the will to win.

2010 NUCS Amateur National Champion
2011 BDC World Championship Qualifier
The matriarch of our cocker kennel.  Super smooth hunter and tournament competitor.  She is flashy and showy, but produces tremendous results, whether in the field or in competition.  One of the hardest working cockers we have produced.  Never has a bad day and never takes a day off.  a real joy to watch.  Her son (Bear) was the 2009 NUCS National Amateur Champion and 2009 High Point Dog of the Year.  Kizzie has produced some of the finest hunting dogs in the country, all of which are true to the breed.

Earned her Champions Title in 2010
2005 3rd place at the NUCS Amateur National Championships
2006 NBDCA 7th place World Championships
Placed in the Top 10 in every Nationals Finals that she has appeared in.
Buff and white in color, 25lbs.  Scout is a methodical hunter.  Close working, with a great nose and equally good marking skills.  She has a soft mouth and direct delivery.  Littermate to (Atilla) the 2007 NUCS Amateur National Champion.

Her first litter has produced two of the best young tournament hunters in the country.

2009 NUCS Amateur National Runner-up
Our Top English Springer Spaniel.  Liver and White, 40lbs.  One of the top Springers in the nation in tournament hunting since 2006.  Very solid hunting dog in all facets.  Strong flush, good nose, great marking skills, quick delivery to hand and a super soft mouth.  One of the best pheasant dogs in our kennels.

Earned his Champions title in 2010
2006 3rd place at the NUCS Amateur National Championships
White with Black markings, 35lbs.  Solid hunting dog and tournament competitor.  Has experienced tremendous success as an amateur.  Winner of numerous NUCS events.  Ashley has a unique, soft flush that warns the handler to the impending flush.  She
marks her birds extremely well, has a quick delivery
to hand and a soft mouth.  She is tenacious in all
cover types and a joy in the home.

Earned her Champions title in 2010
2009 Runner-up in NUCS HPD of the Year
3 X NUCS National Qualifier