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The training program at Woodhaven begins and ends with birds. We believe that in order to have a first rate gun dog, birds are an absolute must. We can customize a training program to meet your needs and the abilities of your dog - from basic obedience through a finished gun dog. We accept a limited number of client dogs at any given time to insure proper training and attention from our professional staff. Each dog will be handled daily with several workout sessions each day. We believe that there is nothing more enjoyable than a day afield with a well-trained dog that is under control at all times - with an emphasis on being steady to wing and shot. We specialize in training the upland gun dog.

Our training program begins with an evaluation period - usually two weeks - and basic obedience training. During this phase, we evaluate the "birdiness" of the dog with repeated trips to the field, during which your dog will be exposed to numerous bird contacts. This is a critical stage wherein we are looking for the natural ability of the dog to find, point or flush, and chase birds. Once they exhibit a true "quest" for birds, we are ready to move on.

After the initial evaluation, the next phase is an introduction to birds, the gun, and field work. At the same time, we are in the beginning stages of yard work. Here we work on commands: "kennel", "hup" or "sit" - for flushing dogs, and "whoa" - for pointing dogs. Collar conditioning, patterning, and basic retrieving drills are also part of the program.

Once the basics of field and yard work are solidly in place, then - and only then - will the dog be ready to be shot over and begin finished field work. This is where "all of the pieces" come together into a well-trained, finished gun dog that you can be proud of.

Each dog progresses at a different rate. Some dogs can improve quickly. Others require a bit more time. But any dog with good genetics should come along quite nicely given the opportunity, proper training… and lots of birds.

Current Training Fees

We are NO longer taking dogs for training.