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It was a search for that "perfect" pheasant dog that brought us to the English Springer Spaniel.  In 1990, we purchased our first springer - and a true love affair commenced.

The springer has been dubbed the "King of Pheasants", but they are much more than that.  Our dogs have been bred for a calm temperament, which makes them a perfect companion dog.  Equally at home in the field and the house.  They will hunt anything from pheasants to quail, ducks, grouse, rabbits and woodcock.  Springers are the ideal rough-shooter's gun dog.

Woodhaven Springer is a top quality, field-bred English springer spaniel.  They are bred for temperament and outstanding hunting abilities.  Our springers come from excellent hunting stock.  Woodhaven Springers have proven themselves year after year with countless days afield in pursuit of a variety of upland birds - as well as in various hunting events and competitions.

Recently, we have added the diminutive English cocker to our kennels.  The field-bred English cocker spaniel is a small "heat seeking missile" when it comes to hunting.  They have unsurpassed energy, enthusiasm and hunting abilities - and as with the springers, the English cocker makes an excellent companion dog.  These little dogs are wonderful house dogs and a loving addition to any family.  The cocker, much like the springer, is a close-working dog with a great nose who loves to retrieve and is easy to train.  Take a tour of our Cocker page to see what we mean.

At Woodhaven, we are committed to maintaining quality breeding and developing genetically sound English springers and English cockers using the best of the English and American Bloodlines.  We concentrate our efforts in three very important areas; superior genetics, sound training and top-notch nutrition.  A Woodhaven dog is a joy to hunt over and a great companion.